Nease Beachfront Park

The residence of Allen Nease was built in the 1930s-1950s on the eastern central edge of a 3.2-acre site. The saltwater marsh community provides habitat for several state-listed species of special concern, including wading birds such as white ibis, snowy egret, tricolored heron, little blue heron, and one endangered species; the wood stork. The colorful painted bunting can be observed on this site, enjoyed by many bird watchers, as well as the Florida scrub jay and the gopher tortoise.

Nease was a pioneer of Florida’s reforestation and conservation efforts in the mid-20th century. The unique interior of this home reflects the owner’s professional forestry background. This home contains heart pine wood floors, 12-inch bald cypress wall planking, native hardwood ceiling planking and solid bald cypress ceiling beams in the living room.

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Visitor Tip

16.7 miles heading south on the byway.

19.1 miles – South Ponte Vedra Park North beach parking/walkover
___ miles – Mid-Beach Parking and Walkover
22.7 miles – Lower beach access, bathrooms, playground on west side
____miles – Usina Boat Ramp Park
____miles – Boating Club Road Boat Ramp
____miles – North Beach Park