Be An A1A Scenic Byway Star! 

Did you know?  In 2021 we're launching a pilot project to help reduce litter along the A1A Scenic Byway and we'd like your support!

At certain locations, trash cans have been removed to protect and improve the environment.

This program is designed to encourage reuse and recycling practices. We all share the responsibility for managing the waste we produce and our surrounding environment.

The many benefits of removing garbage cans and recycling bins include eliminating associated odors, reducing annoying pests, and enhancing our natural and scenic views. And while it may seem counterintuitive; the removal of garbage cans actually reduces the amount of litter in the surrounding area since wind and pests are often the primary cause of litter by getting into the garbage and spreading it. It’s important to note: no matter how many trash cans are provided; litterbugs are going to litter. Don’t be a litterbug. Please take your trash when you leave and dispose of it properly.

Eliminating the need for disposal services will also allow us an opportunity to make more productive use of available resources.

This program has been used and modeled after successful programs in other local, state, and national parks, here are some examples:


National Park Service: Leave No Trace - The Seven Principles

Leave No Trace -

Neighbors Leaving No Trace

Florida Beaches  

Georgia Beaches 

North Carolina OBX 

We're proud to implement this project with the support of our community partners including the Community Foundation for Northeast Florida, and as education and awareness for this program grows, we hope you won't see these kinds of examples along the A1A Scenic Byway in the future!

When visiting our area's local, state and national parks, scenic overlooks, vistas, and beaches, we ask you to remember to please TAKE IT WITH YOU and help us keep our our A1A Scenic Byway beautiful!

Thank you!